CRIF Germany positions sustainability platform Synesgy with new webpage

The new ESG homepage has been live since the end of November. The new website enables companies to put their sustainability efforts into practice even faster, to find out about the most important ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) topics and to be presented with CRIF's Synesgy platform in its full scope.

At, interested parties can register directly and free of charge for the platform, simply find out more about the product or request further information on Synesgy.

The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important and has been a central concern for companies not only since climate change, the Corona pandemic or the energy crisis. The related appeal to do more to save our earth has reached the public. The urgency generated by global targets, legal obligations and visible effects of climate change is creating a broad awareness in the business community to take responsibility and make an important contribution to sustainable business.

Already since 2018, the CRIF Group has been working intensively on the topic of ESG. In November 2021, CRIF Germany also launched the global ESG platform SYNESGY for simple ESG evaluation in this country. Synesgy enables every company to evaluate itself according to ESG criteria in a simple and rule-compliant manner and to make this information available to others. Furthermore, the platform offers a digital process for surveying one's own suppliers, thus increasing transparency in the supply chain. As a result, the ESG transformation of the economy is supported through the broad accessibility of information and a global standard in the measurability of sustainability is established. As a globally active specialist in information management, CRIF also applies its know-how in this area and positions itself as an independent partner for the documentation and assessment of sustainability measures.

After registering free of charge in the online portal, interested companies are directed to a questionnaire that is based on the standards of the independent Global Reporting Initiative and complies with the new requirements of the LkSG. As soon as the questionnaire is completely filled out and finally submitted, a PDF certificate is generated. The certificate, which is valid for one year, can then be downloaded and shared with others via QR code. In this way, suppliers can reliably disclose their ESG status. Suppliers can also use this proactively: After uploading a list of their suppliers to the platform, an automated invitation to participate is sent to the business partners. A status dashboard can be used to continuously check the suppliers' completion status.

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