• eCommerce/ Payment

    With its outstanding industry knowledge, CRIF already supports numerous mail-order companies, online shops and payment service providers with integrated solutions for identification, risk assessment and fraud management at the key stages of processes for B2B2C clients, which are available via a uniform interface. Global data availability, flexible adaptation to individual customer requirements and simple integration into business processes are convincing arguments for our clients, especially in an international context.

  • Banking & Insurances

    Financial institutions and banks alike benefit from CRIF’s regional know-how combined with the experience and the technological as well as analytical competence of the global CRIF Group. CRIF supports banks in making information-based decisions in their daily business. For this purpose, CRIF provides comprehensive information, which is prepared in a clearly presented manner on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Collection

    As a long-standing partner to the sector, CRIF supports your debt collection agency or credit management department in designing and optimising credit collection processes by providing meaningful information on the debtor, highly selective decision support systems and supplementary services.

    CRIF – Achieving more together

  • Digital Business

    Digital businesses such as iGaming and gambling, but also web hosting, dating or streaming/entertainment are becoming increasingly popular. To fend off fraudsters trying to capitalise on this growth, operators need a line of defence against problems such as fraud or money laundering.                                              CRIF is your partner for integrated KYC and fraud management!

  • Automotive/ Mobility

    Digitalisation offers numerous opportunities for process optimisation and automation in the automotive and mobility sector. Customers expect to be able to manage the entire (request) processes digitally at any time and from anywhere. Optimised processes without media discontinuity for the consumer can secure a competitive edge here. CRIF supports you with globally scalable solutions with the successful combination of B2B2C data, analytics and technology from a single source.

  • SMEs and large corporate clients

    CRIF provides detailed information on companies, managers, shareholders and consumers and combines data and analysis competencies and innovative technologies. Thanks to the cross-linking of multiple data sources and high data quality, CRIF supports SMEs and large companies in their daily business processes with valid information on companies and consumers, inside and outside Germany. In this, CRIF combines data and analysis competencies as well as innovative technologies in one system.